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Lions in Romania

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The Flight
Three weeks later most of the Lions journeyed from the corners of Indiana to Indianapolis for the long trip over. Each carried a large box of glasses as their second check-in bag. Autorefractors were also checked for the transatlantic flight.

In Fort Wayne the group of five volunteers gathered with additional supplies for the school and the community.

Our two wonderful doctors from Monterrey, Mexico, Carlos Gutierrez and Marco Barrera arrived at their airport to join in the effort. Our first major problem was about to occur.

It turned out that our travel agency did not listen carefully to the ticket requests of our Mexican doctors and issued tickets for flights originating in the California Monterey, not its Mexican namesake.

Nevertheless happily, later that day we all gathered together in Detroit, doctors included, and boarded a KLM flight for Amsterdam and Bucuresti.

Loading the Bus
The airport was a busy. Friends from Bucuresti helped us collect all but a few "lost" bags and then we boarded our bus. The missing bags delayed us an hour, but we finally started north through the city toward the multi-lane highway leading toward Pitesti and Sibiu. The Joyce’s and the Clester’s started the ground leg of the trip wondering when they would see their luggage.

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