Vurpar, Romania
Vurpar Street
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Village Hall
The Village Hall lies in the center of Vurpar. Here the mayor works, the council meets, records are kept and the results of life are measured. The entire town budget is around $7,000. It sounds better in Romanian, 120,000,000 Lei. It doesn't seem enough to improve the health and welfare of 2,500 people; less than $3 per person per year.

Principal, Mayor and Simon
The principal of the village school is Florian Hariga. He stands on the left next to the Mayor of Vurpar Michael Lienerth. Romanian-American Simon Dragan wears the hat.

Mayor Office
The mayor's office is located in the village hall in the center of Vurpar. From this office the mayor works to solve problems in the village, to work with the village council and to plan improvements. The computer does not work. It was donated, but has long since "given up the ghost." The cost of service calls and parts makes repair prohibitively expensive.

Village Council
The village council meets regularly in this room. The members of the council are responsible for the future of the village.
Welcome to the Village of Vurpar. In the heart of Romania. Learn about us and help if you can.
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