Vurpar, Romania
Vurpar Street
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School & Education
School Exterior
The building is solid as a rock, but the "toilet" is an outhouse up the hill. There is no water inside the building. The windows all need glazing, and, while it could use a coat of paint on the walls, no where do you see the mark of a dirty hand or graffiti.

Four hundred children attend the elementary school which is the real heart of Vurpar. Teachers come from other villages, as well as Vurpar, to provide language, mathematics, history, geography and more to the kids. The pupils study here for eight years. A few then go on to a general high school in Sibiu, or to specialized training around the country.

The rooms are heated by wood stoves in a corner. Kids sit two to-a-bench and are very polite and attentive. Class is serious work for all involved. In the winter the kids wear their heaviest coats in class to ward off the cold. Gloves make griping a pencil a bit of a challenge.

Until recently some of the kids came to school hungry, stayed hungry all day and went home hungry. A school snack program has been started with donations from Fort Wayne. Attendance is up. One expects that learning is also up.

The colors of Transilvania are black and white. Here the kids all wear their traditional outfits. You can still see these traditional clothes, functional clothes, worn by some village elders.

Folk Dance
Traditions are strong in Vurpar. The kids learn how to do the old dances and to appreciate the old music. Want to help?

Make donations payable to:
Vurpar Project, St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church,
% Jim Sack
902 West Rudisill Blvd,
Fort Wayne, IN 46807.

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Welcome to the Village of Vurpar. In the heart of Romania. Learn about us and help if you can.
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