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Lions in Romania

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The next morning we got up late, boarded the bus and checked in for the flight home.

The flight was generally uneventful. In Detroit, Ron Joyce learned that his ticket and that of his mother had been written incorrectly and had to pay a change fee to continue on. Naturally, once back in Arkansas, Ron also learned his bags had been lost again, this time enroute home. It was his and his mother’s bags, as well as those of the John and Arlene Clestor, that had been delayed enroute to Sibiu.

In general, Lions and Fort Wayners returned home with a glow of positive accomplishment, with gifts and photos in hand.

The Result
We Can See
Obviously, almost 2800 pairs of glasses were fitted on happy faces. That statistic cannot measure the impact of productivity and quality of life in Vurpar. Some kids will be able to read their lessons for the first time. Some older people will be able to see clearly for the first time in their lives. The immediate impact and ongoing ramifications to the local economy are simply unquantifyable, and we will hear stories for years to come.

The Lions put their heart into the mission. Some mission members have since decided to continue their involvement in the future of the village. For most kids in Vurpar going to high school has only been a dream. It simply costs too much. The closest high school is 20km away and requires the student to live for the year in Sibiu. That means room and board, books, and class costs. Eight of the

Aldea Family

Lions each decided to sponsor a student for the 2000-2001 school year. Some Lions spoke of helping the child, depending on the student maintaining good grades, to continue through four years of high school. The cost is only $200 per year, but it is $200 more than the Romanians could afford and a wonderful gift to Vurpar. Here are two students who will be helped.

There were other lessons taught, other gifts given, other exchanges of ideas among villagers and Lions during the four days of work. Hope was given, for sure. We delivered what we promised. We delivered it in a democratic, first-come, first-served way. Villagers appreciated that. They met Americans and began friendships. They learned from us and we learned from them.

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