Vurpar, Romania
Vurpar Street
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Want to Help? Here's how!

What's the Point
So, we have a charming, quaint village in the heart of a nation miles away. So why help, why bother?

After World War I America turned its back on Germany and Europe while our victorious allies extracted their reparations. The result was a humiliated, super-depressed Germany that turned to Hitler as its "last, best hope" for revival.

After WWII we offered the Marshall Plan and not only gained Germany as a friend and ally, but also stabilized Central Europe, Western Europe and contained Communism. Nice investment.

We have the same option now: help the former Soviet Block countries, or turn our backs and await the explosion.

Some of us in Fort Wayne (who are these people) have decided to help a village where we can make a difference. We have mustered the area Lions Clubs to help. Local educators have pitched in. Some business people have stepped forward. Friends in Baltimore have joined the effort.

Letter of Thanks from Vurpar

Make donations payable to:
Vurpar Project, St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church,
% Jim Sack
902 West Rudisill Blvd,
Fort Wayne, IN 46807.

It's a tax deductible donation!

Questions or Comments? E-mail us at: