Vurpar, Romania
Vurpar Street
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Health Clinic

Health Clinic
The health clinic is in the center of town near the mayor's office. While doctors continue to live and "work" in Vurpar there is very little that they can do to improve local health. They only have a building, it is without basic equipment and fundamental supplies.


Physical Exam Room
The clinic is a shell. After the fall of communism supply shipments ended, old equipment broke down and there were no parts or replacements sent from Bucuresti. There are literally no bandages, no needles, no iodine, no nothing! The problem is simple: everything now costs money and no one in Vurpar can pay.


Waiting Room
Although the building is in good shape the quality of health care in Vurpar depends upon luck: luck that you stay healthy, that injuries are minor and that germs don't spread...otherwise, your luck may run out.

Procedure Room
Health care in Vurpar has retreated one hundred years. Not only is health care lacking, but preventive medicine has fallen even farther behind.


Dental Office
Nearly everything is gone. No equipment, no supplies. Dental care in Vurpar is rudimentary and painful as a result. A generation that should have looked forward to keeping their teeth for life suffers decay and disease as if the benefits of fluoride had never been discovered.

Exam Room
The shelves are as clean as the tile walls. Can you help?

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