Vurpar, Romania
Vurpar Street
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Life and People
Village Street
On the streets in Vurpar (Burgberg in German) you will see horse carts, children, geese, ducks, cattle, horses, oxen, dogs, cats, and cars from the city. It is a very lively place where some 2,400 people live, work and study. There is, however, no industry in Vurpar. Its is strictly an agricultural community.
Car, Bus, Wagon
Side by side with a modern Euro Bus a horse cart that evokes the middle ages. The vehicle is a reminder of traditions and a measure of wealth, a highly useful and durable tool in village life. While cars are readily available they are terribly expensive for the average villager and do not endure the rough local roads well.
The Saxon church
Saxons (Sasi in Romanian) came to Vurpar(Burgberg in German) in the 13th century from Germany. They were invited to settle the area by the local princes. Advanced Saxon skills in agriculture, industry, crafts and organization were expected in bring wealth to the prince who offered the settlers free land in exchange for feudal rents. Correspondingly, Christian princes in the west happily sent the Saxons east to establish human buffer zones against invading Tatar and Turk. In Vurpar they built farms and a beautiful church overlooking the village from a hill on the north end of town.
Going Home
Most people walk from home to their various destinations, whether church, the clinic, townhall or the pastures. Here a group of villagers head home.
Yard Gate
The gate to the courtyard is very sturdy. It is made of iron and decoratively painted, but its purposed is to keep out the unwelcome guest.
Family Yard
To the left is the summer kitchen building with attic lager. Ahead is a wood working area, and to its right a pig sty, a chicken coup and an outhouse in the corner. Many houses have indoor plumbing, but many still augment flush toilets with more traditional systems. To the right of the outhouse is a gate leading to vegetable gardens.
Yard & Barn
The courtyard is the scene of work and celebration.
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