Vurpar, Romania
Vurpar Street
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Romania Trip: June 2001

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Vurpar Street
Old Map of Vurpar

The economic develop potential of the village is limited only by history, which is quite daunting. A hundred years of repression molds a culture. Fifty years of communism has left a mark. The introduction of Lionism into the village is an attempt to build a sense of community and mutual assistance. The efforts at educational stimulation are to bring a broader perspective to the solution of village problems. Planning water infrastructure for the school will mean some jobs, a better standard of living, for at least the kids, and will show what combined efforts can accomplish.

Vurpar Church
We are still trying; however, to determine what sort of industry would succeed in Vurpar, other than subsistence farming. The collapse of communism and a weak post-socialist central government has left the village pretty much on its own with no traditions of entrepreneurship to build up. So, we contemplate a crafts industry, a saw mill, a farming co-op, and a min-loan program to allow villagers to create their own paths to prosperity. During this visit we saw a lot of farming ventures that is men milking sheep, people raising pigs, farmers with hoes, and more of the same. Farming is rudimentary, but provides enough food for the village. We learned a lot about the economic future of the village, but did not settle upon an idea how we could help stimulate their economy.

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